Painter & Sculptor

Lives and works in New York and France

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A statement by the artist:

"Painting is for me a deeply personal experience. In my portraits of men and women, I want to express their feelings and life experience. With the use of lines, color and painting tools, I create a tremendous emotional interplay between the subject and myself. Such handling or technique becomes a dance involving my whole being, translating the emotions of the subject and merging them with my own.

Quite often, anemones, 'wind flowers' are introduced as a symbol of beauty, strength and vulnerability combined, so as to emphasize those same qualities in us.

I turn to landscapes, as I am forever in awe at the overwhelming beauty and power of Nature. Its healing quality calms, its wisdom soothes. For me, Nature oozes a philosophical and metaphysical knowledge, renewing my faith in gloryfying powers of which I have no knowledge, and which, therefore, I can accept.

Being human and created by Nature, painting both, is as necessary for me as breathing."

Yetty: Painter and Sculptor

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Yetty: Corrida - Painting
Oil on canvas
30 x 25 in. (76,2 x 63,5cm.)

Yetty: Three Roses - Painting
Yetty: Alone on the Beach - Painting Yetty: Bouquet - Painting
Three Roses
Oil on canvas
16 x 18 in.
(40,7 x
45,7 cm.)
Alone on the Beach
Oil on canvas
30 x
30 in.
76,2 x 76,2 cm.)
Oil on canvas
101,5 x 101,5 in.
(40,7 x
45,7 cm.)

Yetty: Tear of Life - Painting
Tear of Life
Oil on canvas
24 x 36 in. (61 x 91,5cm.)

Yetty: The Essence of a Woman - Painting Yetty: Mystery Woods - Painting Yetty: Woman with Anemones - Painting
The Essence of Woman
Oil on canvas
48 x 40 in.
(122 x 101,5 cm.)
Mystery Woods
Oil on canvas
36 x 48 in.
(91,5 x 122 cm.)
Woman with Anemones
Oil on canvas
40 x 18 in.
(101,5 x 45,7 cm.)

Yetty: Eyes are the Mirror of the Soul - Painting
Eyes are the Mirror of the Soul
Oil on canvas
18 x 18 in. (46 x 46 cm.)


Yetty: Praying Woman - Sculpture Yetty: Solitude - Sculpture
Praying Woman
Bronze, gold patination
Edition: 8
H: 10 in. (25,5 cm.)

Bronze, gold patination
Edition 8
H: 7 1/2 in. (19 cm.)



Born: Antwerp, Belgium
Citizenship: U.S.
EDUCATION: Art studies
Antwerp Academy of Art
Arthur Kaufman (of the Bauhaus) in New York, NY.
Art Student League, New York, NY.
Franklyn School of Art, Bachelor of Art. New York, NY.
Leonard Nelson in Philadelphia, PA.
Etienne Ret ( of Paris) in San Antonio, TX.
Rufino Tamayo: studied mural painting in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
One-Woman Show
1989 Saint-Jean de Luz, Pergola, France
1980-1988 Gallery 306, Philadelphia, PA
1972 SAG (Selected Artists Galleries) New York, NY.
1961 One-Woman Show, San Antonio, TX.
1959 One-Woman Show, Gallery 28, New York City, NY.
1956 Wellons Gallery, New York, NY.
1955 One-Woman Show, Gallery 62, New York City, NY.
1953 One-Woman Show, San Antonio, TX.
  Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, OH.
1951 One-Woman Show, San Antonio, TX. Won the Charles Rosen Awards.
Group Shows
1998 Barcelona Museum, Spain.
1993 San Sebastian, Spain.
1975 Elkon Gallery, New York.
1970 Felix Vercel, New York & Paris
1958 Art USA, New York, NY.
1956 National Arts Club, New York, NY.
1955 Art USA, New York, NY.
1954 Witte Memorial Museum, San Antonio, TX.
1952 River Art Group Gallery, San Antonio, TX.
1949 Sketch Club, Philadelphia, PA.
1995 Croix de Mérite des Arts et Lettres.
1992 Médaille d'Argent, Académie Française, Arts, Sciences et Lettres.
1951 Charles Rosen Awards, San Antonio, TX
Yetty is represented in many private collections in Europe and the United States.



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