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From Sherri Wasserman

much of my imagery concerns the interrelation of stillness and movement as it pertains to the corporeality and spirituality of the body.

ethereality of the images was created through the shoot; there was no layering or manipulation of the images either digitally or in the darkroom.
all prints were created with the intention of being seen as physical photographs. some subtlety was lost in the digital transfer. i have attempted to retain the original feeling of the photos without using digital manipulation.


Sherri Wasserman, with a BA in Visual Arts (studio art/art history) and History, has worked in urban planning, archiving, architecture, design, education, and museum education. She currently provides design and computer services to small businesses in New York City. She has shown her handmade books and photographs in galleries in Chicago and New York; her current digital explorations, as a graduate student in Interactive Telecommunications at New York University, include an investigation of the embodiment of written text through virtual spaces and the creation of the new media documentary. She continues to paint, draw, photograph, and create books off-screen, as well as publish her zine, 'cloth.' When not sitting in front of her computer or covered in some kind of art material, Sherri can be found outside running, in a movie theater, museum, concert hall, or yoga class.


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Eva 3 - Silver gelatin print photograph

Eva no. 3

Sherri Wasserman: Gesture 5 - Silver gelatin print photograph
Gesture no. 5
Sherri Wasserman: Medical 2 - Silver gelatin print photograph
Medical no. 2
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