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ArtistRegister Members living in France

Brisbois, Patrice

Patrice Brisbois, Painter, Sculptor, Craftsman, Printmaker & Book Illustrator; (French; lives and works in Paris, France.)
Brisbois’ great sense of humor is always present in any of his works, paintings, sculptures or functional objects.

Caroline Corbeau
Caroline Corbeau: furniture designer & maker
(French, lives and works in ublains near Mayenne in the Loire region, France)
She specializes in one of a kind welded pieces of furniture

Deroy, Joelle
Joelle Deroy: Painter, Watercolorist & Ceramist
(French, born in Texas)
Her paintings are figurative to abstract, in a style continuing the feeling of French Impressionism but exploring modern techniques. She is inspired by the Zen approach to art and by Japanese stylization “going to the essential”.

Edet, Nathalie
Nathalie Edet: Painter
(French, lives and works in France)
Works in acrylic and mixed media with paper and textile. She finds her inspiration in Tribal Arts

Daniel Hourdé
Daniel Hourdé: Sculptor, Painter & Draughtsman
(French, lives and works in Paris)

Jean Nestares - new November 9, 2009
Jean Nestares: Painter, watercolorist, illustrator & author

Poupel, Antoine
Antoine Poupel: Photographer
(French, lives and works in France)
Antoine Poupel's work includes portraits, Zingaro and the Crazy Horse